How Witch Doctor Reportedly Made Lukaku Leave Everton

A witch doctor has been alleged to have played a pivotal role in the exit of Lukaku from Everton where he made his name in Europe.

Everton’s major shareholder, Farhad Moshiri, has claimed that Romelu Lukaku decided to leave Everton after a witch doctor advised him to join Chelsea.

Lukaku was ready to sign a new contract in the region of £140,000 per week, but made a u-turn last March and told the club he wanted to leave in the summer.

He eventually moved to Manchester United in a deal worth £90million.

“If I tell you what we offered him you wouldn’t believe it but they offered him a better deal.

“His agent came to the training ground and was about to sign and the player was on a pilgrimage in Africa and he had a voodoo or something and he had to sign for Chelsea.

“The issue with Romelu was not financial. As long as I am major shareholder financial issues are irrelevant. I wasted two summers to keep him: first summer with his agent, him and his family we managed to keep him,” Moshiri said at the club’s annual AGM.

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